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Sunshine Disco : The Floating Moonshine Afterparty

How it is, Disco Torpedoes!

Only a few short days until the SS Trashbag sets sail!

If you've been on one of our cruises before, rest assured this will be the best one yet! If not... How does one describe the boat party?

"A tour de force" - The Age

"I danced til I spewed then I spewed til I danced" - David Stratton

"More fun than a bucket full of puppies" - Margaret Pomerantz

The boat will board at 5pm at Circular Quay. We got live music! We got dead music! We got harbour views! We got beer! We got champagne! We got deluxe public cocktails! We got delicious treats! We got the special edition 1998 Mulan tie-in McDonalds szechuan sauce!

The afterparty will kick off at 10pm & will feature the Karaoke Showdown plus hektik DJs to keep you pumping long into the night! A very special surprise secret guest DJ will be tear-arseing down the coast especially to get yer booties shakin!


Tickets are selling fast but there's still a bunch left, so get in now to avoid being labelled a lily livered landlubber the rest of your life. Avast!

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