The Zion Band

by Vindan & The Zion Band

Vindan is an Australian multi-instrumentalist, singer and song-writer with a unique sound and perspective. He was born in war-torn Sri Lanka and raised in exile across London, Asia and Australia on a steady diet of classic folk, old-school hip-hop, vintage soul and assorted exotica. Caught between the new world and the old; his songs are  are tales of  transformations, culture-shock, transcendence and common ground. He is currently recording his debut solo release "Songs to Surround Me" between sun-drenched Sydney and icy Berlin with Martin.J.Fiedler (Josh.T.Pearson).

The Zion Band is an existential reggae project - akin to the bastard child of Roots Manuva and the Police. Lean, muscular beats lay a sturdy foundation  for feverish musings about the paths of life, love and things less tangible.